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Red Bull Global Rallycross 2014

Extreme conditions, many formats, onsite content

For the 2014 Red Bull Global RallyCross Season, Boombox Media reached out to LiveX for a variety of tasks. We built a mini switcher/media server hybrid small enough that Brandon could take main and backup on a flight. Conditions in the tower are extremely hot with lots of dust flying around. At Daytona, track temperatures reached more than 120F but the venom servers have held up well.

We engineer, switch and often direct the in venue show for the series. We share feeds with IMS production for NBC and then cut a seperate show that runs for the entire two days of racing. Roaming cameras in the pits, Announcers in the tower with us, Timing and Scoring feeds all mix with the NBC truck feeds to supply an engaging show for the audience at the track.

Its delivered across LED walls, HD monitors in hospitality, press areas, and even RF modulated coax conversion for some of the older mobile suites. All these conversions after a couple thousand feet of fiber of course.

Throughout the course of a race many things change regarding schedule, new highlight reels, Instagram, Twitter and sponsor giveaways, weather etc. etc. LiveX takes the role of creating and modifying Boombox assets onsite for these moment to moment content needs.

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